We are R.D.I accredited with the widely recognised Digital Tick certification  





The RDI-LB was set up by the government to protect you, the general public.


The RDI-LB is only given to installers who have proven their competence, reliability and suitabilty by meeting the Licencing body's strict criteria for registration.


The RDI-LB website is there to protect you and find you a reputable aerial installer.




Always use a RDI-LB registered installer for your TV aerial installation.


Rogue Traders operate in all areas of the service industry. The aerial trade is starting rapidly to get it's share of scoundrels, especially now that the demand for aerials has risen due to the forthcoming digital era.


Digital Ticked members have the RDI-LB permission to use the digital tick or 'Aeri-Al' in advertising, on business cards or other publicity material. The digital tick mark is your assurance that they have met strict criteria for scheme membership.