What You Need To Now ?



1. Is the aerial `digital ready?




Most aerials will pick up a digital signal at the moment, however, depending on the transmitter you receive your signals from, will determine what type of aerial you will need to be able to pick up all of the available digital channels when the analogue stations are switched off, which will mean the loss of your 5 channels(if you do not have a digibox or digital TV already.)



- a wideband aerial covers all of the UHF band and will almost guarantee reception of all digital channels, unless you are in a poor reception area. Go to Here and input your post code to check for digital coverage.


- a CAI benchmarked aerial has been tested to receive digital signals, however, a high gain aerial like the Unix 52 may be required.



You can also get digital channels from a dish called a `freesat`from BBC/ITV or `free-sat from Sky`, there is no monthly subscription and it costs from only £49.99 for perfect pictures. There are some extra channels including radio stations.)

Your local regional news is also available on free-sat from Sky, so if at the moment you are having to watch news from Lincolnshire but you want news from around West Yorkshire, I would suggest a `Freesat from Sky` system or a BBC/ITV freesat system.




2. Are the brackets and wall mounts made of strong galvanised metal?




- painted brackets look alright for a year then start to rust.



You can be sure that by having an aerial installed by TV Aerials we answer `YES` to all the above and we are still as competetive as other companies that do not answer yes to any of them.



There are 2 types of brackets, light and heavy duty. TV Aerials will discuss the choices of equipment that you require before any work commences.




All our installations are covered by a full FREE 12 months warranty 24 or 36 months warranty Available.... ask Installer for Details